New Playground Outside Target FAQs


The new playground outside Target will be fitted with Shade sail, Softfall flooring and Timber Bench seating.

There will be a discussion about putting a fence around it with the owners tomorrow – but currently it’s a win/lose situation as, on one hand, it will make it safer, but on the other hand, parents will be more inclined to leave kids in there unsupervised while they shop and that will provide further problems.

Both bathrooms in the complex are getting full renovations and fitted with brand new toilets, cisterns, vanities, tapware, mirrors, tiling, painting, hand dryers, lighting, baby change tables, soap dispensers etc.

The Target side bathroom is currently under renovation and Coles side will follow, so one will always remain open during Reno’s.

The owners are investing in a new security system and better lighting to monitor the bathrooms and the new playground to hopefully minimise vandalism.

The Playground is currently being installed by the team of BP Crane and will be accessible by the end of next week.

Please stay tuned for more information !

March 7th, 2018