The first World Nutella® Day was established by the American blogger Sara Rosso on February 5th, 2007.

She loved Nutella so much that thought it deserved a holiday… And Nutella® fans loved it! They came together from all over the world to celebrate their passion for Nutella® on social media through photos, recipes and messages.

World Nutella® Day has become a global phenomenon with people sharing and spreading the wonder of Nutella® at home, work, and school; in their off- and on-line communities, with family, friends and fellow fans everywhere.

In 2015, Sara transferred World Nutella® Day to Ferrero (the makers of Nutella®) to help it live on and grow for years to come.

From then on, every year we search for someone with Sara’s delicious devotion to lead the fan celebration on World Nutella® Day. Let’s find out with whom we are going to celebrate this year!

How is World Nutella Day celebrated?

Now, every February, Nutella fans from all over the globe unite in their love of the nutty spread.

Nutella is so popular in France that discounts on the chocolate hazelnut spread sparked riots in January, with shoppers getting into fights over the breakfast staple.

The official World Nutella Day is set to be more peaceful however, with schools, work places and fans at home come together to share their passion on social media through recipes and photos.

The official page for the event includes a list of ways to celebrate, including:

  • Cooking with Nutella
  • Making Nutella-inspired art
  • Writing a song about Nutella
  • Giving gifts of Nutella
  • Hosting a Nutella party